A Late Post About a Lovely Place

It was like stepping into a fairy tale book, the kind that has hand-painted illustrations on a two-page spread that make you drool as a kid.

For those who argue that poetry can only exist on a page has never visited the Ring of Kerry.

Last Saturday I took a bus trip around the Ring of Kerry. If you’ve never heard of it before, no, it’s not some historical ring worn by a king or something. The Ring of Kerry “is a scenic drive around the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry… its 179km-long, circular route takes in rugged and verdant coastal landscapes and rural seaside villages” (yeah, I just Googled that because it says it better than I could).


Basically, the Ring of Kerry is heaven on earth. I’m convinced that God finished the Garden of Eden and then immediately began work on Ireland’s southwest coast. Here’s some proof:

The morning started off a little rainy and gloomy, but by the time we reached Killorglin the sun had made an appearance. One of our tour guides told us he had never been to the Com an Chiste lookout when the sun was shining–a perfect day!

Of course, it got better:

On our way back home, we drove right towards a double rainbow. Sorry, we couldn’t find the pot of gold at the end. 😦

4 thoughts on “A Late Post About a Lovely Place

      1. Oh he lives somewhere not far from a place called Londonderry but do not know exactly where… Always Craig together


  1. I have done this route too. It is stunning.
    I have been to different parts of Ireland and I loved it every single time. Your pictures were nice too. Thanks for sharing.


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